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Excelsior College’s Veteran Webinar Series: You’re Back – What’s Next?


By Judy Reed, M.Ed.

The Center for Military Education has offered a webinar series to support veteran education and veteran transition to the civilian work force.  Below is a list of past webinars with a link for review and the upcoming webinar. 

  • How to Use Your Post 9/11 Veterans GI  Bill to Pursue A College Degree with collaboration with VA Education Liaison and Howard Community College -  Post 9/11
  • Veteran Strategies for College Success Webinar covering topics on Time Management, Learning Styles and Mentorship in collaboration with Marist College - Strategies
  • Veterans: Demonstrate Your Value in the Civilian Job Market learn how to effectively communicate your military skills and credentials when crafting a resume or preparing for a job interview go to: Civilian Job Market
  • Veteran and Military Friendly Degrees, learn how to apply your military training and experience for college credit and career pathways available based on your degree.  Go to: Friendly Degrees

Upcoming Webinar:  College Writing Support Services for Veteran Student Success

As a veteran, the transition from the military to student roles can be difficult. One of the challenges you may encounter is how to effectively convey your thoughts and ideas in writing to fulfill class assignments. During this presentation you’ll hear from Excelsior College staff and veteran students about what it takes to apply writing skills in college to be successful.

In addition, Excelsior experts will outline educational writing resources freely available to the general public, including Grammarly and both the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL) and the ESL Writing Online Workshop (ESL-WOW) as well as Smarthinking, which is open to Excelsior students.

To register for the upcoming webinar September 18, from 7 – 8: 00 pm ET go to:

Excelsior College has an education partnership with Rainbow Division Veterans Foundation (RDVF).   Their employees, members and their spouses or domestic partners will receive reduced pricing on tuition and fees while pursuing associate and bachelor degrees and reduced tuition for graduate/masters degrees at Excelsior College.  For more information on the partnership go to:



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